Bin Laden family reportedly funded Sheffield United club

Bin Laden family reportedly funded Sheffield United club

While he will find the elite next season, the English club of Sheffield United finds himself today in the heart of a legal battle. Its two owners, the British businessman Kevin McCabe and the Saudi prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, are in open conflict to gain control of the club of which they have been joint owners for six years. The case has been heard for several days by the High Court in London.

But an incredible revelation came to upset this affair: according to The Telegraph, the club would have benefited, thanks to the intermediary of prince Abdullah, from a recent loan of 3 million pounds which would come from the bin Laden family. Called "Delta Project", the loan was intended to help finance and invest the club.

Although McCabe denies knowing the true origin of the loan, lawyers for Prince Abdullah claim that the businessman, or his associates, had been aware of the ties to the bin Laden family, since at least 2017 . They also state that McCabe was said to have feared his club accused of money laundering during email exchanges. The latter speaks of jokes between colleagues, and reaffirms that he could not know that this loan came from the bin Laden family. Several weeks of hearings are still awaited across the Channel before being able to know the end word of this affair.

The Sheffield United club acquired its direct rise in the Premier League in late April, finishing second in the general classification. He will return to the highest level of English football after eight years of absence.

Unless specified, which is not done, that the bin Laden family, a very large company, had fired Osama a long time ago given his fundamentalist commitments ...

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