Demolition on Etihad. Burnley and Sheffield wins

Demolition on Etihad. Burnley and Sheffield wins

The real slaughter of the innocents was organized today at Etihad Stadium by Manchester City footballers who demolished Watford 8: 0, scoring the first five goals in the first 18 minutes! The surprise came at Goodison Park, where Everton lost to Benjamin from Sheffield, while Burnley players also scored three points on their account, beating Norwich.

It is impossible to describe what happened in the first minutes of the competition at Etihad Stadium - Watford's defense practically did not exist, from which the citizens eager for goals were used with total ruthlessness. The result was opened even before the first minute, when David Silva hit the center of Kevin De Bruyne.

By twelve minutes it was already 3: 0. In the sixth minute, Foster fouled the charging Mahrez in the penalty area and Sergio Aguero swapped eleven for goal. The Citizens added another goal from a solid fragment of the game - just before the penalty area, Mahrez brought Doucoure to the ground, and the Algerian, with the help of Cleverley set in the wall, defeated Foster.

In the 15th minute it was already 4: 0 - De Bruyne centered this time from the corner, Sergio Aguero scored the assist, who scored the head in front of the goal, and Bernardo Silva opened his goal. Three minutes later, Foster again took the ball out of the net, this time after a quick free kick and assisted by Aguero, he hit Otamendi.

The next goals had to wait until the second half - four minutes after switching sides to 6: 0 raised Bernardo Silva, and ten minutes later, the Portuguese successfully completed the hat-trick after playing De Bruyne. Belgian added to his assists in the 85th minute a goal, sending a strong blow under the bar, setting the score at 8: 0.

Certainly Everton fans did not expect such a result today - The Toffees had to acknowledge the superiority of Sheffield United in front of their own audience. The result was opened five minutes before the break, when after the center of Norwood from the corner kick, the ball headed into his own net Mina. The victory ten minutes before the end sealed Mousset, who defeated Pickford after Lundstram's perpendicular play.

Burnley players who managed the Turf Moor from Norwich City today won the second win of the season. The Clarets settled the matter in the first quarter - in the tenth minute, after Westwood's center from the corner, Wood headed the net, and four minutes later, the same player used the McNeil center from the left flank.

City: Ederson - Mendy (46 'Angelino), Otamendi (63' Garcia), Fernandinho, Walker (54 'Cancelo) - D. Silva, Rodri, De Bruyne - B. Silva, Aguero, Mahrez

Watford is sitting like no other team, 6: 0 in the final, now 8: 0. MASAKRA, hehe. Has the main candidate for succession just emerged? Sure, weaker teams than Watford, but the result speaks for itself. And ManCity will exceed 100 goals, relaxed.

Take your time dropping Watford into the Championship. The beginning is poor but it is only 6 queues. The coach changed and for good morning Arsenal and City. Sometimes the game with the Gunners looked very good and they were on the verge of victory. The composition has an interesting, quietly around 10 places. Today, they just hit City, which, if he senses his opponent's weakness, does not delay, but kills his opponent with further goals. Chelsea lost the City 6: 0 last season and what? They finished in third place ...

As for Everton and Silva, the Portuguese will probably soon say goodbye to the role of manager of The Toffees. Everton is definitely higher, but they are losing at home with Benjamin 0: 2.

If such a result fell in the Spanish league then there would be entries that the league of 3 teams. Such Barca or Real have not won 8-0 in the league for a long time because they are playing at a weaker level than they used to be. Now city and liverpool play such a ball and I'm not surprised by such results. It's so much like a leveled English league and only 3 strong teams in Spain ...

Maybe I was in a hurry, but the beginning of the season looks really bad. A few more queues to play this and they will be looking for a new coach. In addition, the two goals against Arsenal were beautifully presented, although they played well at the time. Meanwhile, they lose 8-0 to City and their morale may fall sharply after such a spanking.

City plays fantastic football, it's nice to look at, on the other hand, when I compare it to Barca Valverde, I want to cry, because Barca has offensive potential at the City level (or maybe thanks to Leo even a bit higher), and unfortunately the game is total an idea, which shows how much a coach means in football ...

De Bruyne has such a form that I don't know if he is sometimes not the most valuable player in the world at the moment, because what he is doing passes the human concept, as if Aguero did not hurt today, he would have 2 more assists in today's match, and City won dwucyfrówką ...

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